Golf Ball Sitting on Tee Photographic PrintButler High School

Varsity Girls Golf

Information Sheet


Name  _____________________(First)  ________________________________(Last)



Address           ______________________________________________(Street)


________________________________________(City, State, Zip Code)



Telephone Number   724-________________Cell Phone Number ________________



Email Address _________________________________________________*

(All summer communication will be done by email)



Parents’ Name ________________________(M) __________________________(D)


Home Number in case of emergency _____________________________________



Shirt Size: (Check)        __Small            __  Medium      __Large           __X-Large       __XX-Large



Golf History:


Average score for nine holes     ______


USGA handicap                       ______            ___________(Course)


Where you play the majority of time                  ______________




Any other information that you would like me to know. Send attached doc. to …

Coach Parker: