*Home Matches
First half 2003

*Knoch 221-226 -W
*Shaler 209-214- W
Plum 206-226-W
Seneca Valley 204-209-L
*Pine Richalnd 200-201-L
North Hills-200-209 -W
*North Allegheny 195-213-L
New Castle 200-202-L
*Sewickley Academy 209-214-L
*Blackhawk 205-213-L

Second Half

Shaler -195-215
*Seneca Valley - 200-211
*Central Catholic (cancelled)
Pine Richland 198-228
*North Hills 218-220
North Allegheny 193-208
*New Castle 219-217 - W


2003 Squad

Well Balanced....

Good thing I have my hat...

Can't have enough practice putting through shadows....

Did someone say..Lunch?...

Boy something stinks.....oh,...its my putt....