Butler’s 1-2 punch
Scott, Gilliland among top scorers in PIHL Class AAA hockey this season

By John Enrietto 
Eagle Sports Editor 

VALENCIA — Connor Scott and Trevor Gilliland will soon be going their separate ways in the hockey world. 
In the meantime, they’re enjoying their time on the ice together for Butler
It’s fun playing with him,” Scott said of his linemate. “Trevor is such a talented player and an explosive skater.” 
The duo is the best one-two tandem in all of PIHL Class AAA this season. Scott leads Class AAA in scoring with 28 points, netting 12 goals and 16 assists. 
Gilliand is fourth in Class AAA with 25 points, including 10 goals. The two have combined for eight power play goals and Scott has three shorthanded tallies. 
“I’m not surprised we’re near the top in scoring,” Gilliland said. “I assist on most of his goals and he assists on mine.” 
The two create a lot of 2-on-1 opportunities in transition on the ice. 
“I’ve learned how to read him,” Gilliland said. “Connor is so quick. Once he gathers control of the puck, we just go.” 
Butler coach Patrick Hammonds put Scott and Gilliland on the same line during the latter quarter of the 2014-15 season
“You can see the chemistry they’ve developed,” Hammonds said.”It’s fun to watch. Both are excellent skaters and they play off of each other. 
“Their efficiency in break-outs and creating chances is pretty impressive.” 
Now they’re creating chances to extend their hockey careers beyond high school — if not before. 
Scott, a senior, hopes to get an opportunity to play junior hockey next year. If that doesn’t materialize, he wants to play in college. 
“We’re trying to line something up for him,” Hammonds said. “Connor is a muiltiskilled player and he wants to keep gojng. We totally encourage that.” 
Gilliland is only a sophomore, but may not finish his high school career at Butler
“I’m hoping to play juniors in another year or so. We’ll see how it works out,” he said. 
Scott and Gilliland have older brothers who suited up for the Golden Tornado before them. Dalton Scott was a defenseman who graduated in 2014. 
Tanner Gilliland, a 2013 Butler grad, scored 47 goals in his final three season with the Tornado. He is now a junior playing hockey at Indiana (Pa.) University. 
“I’ve been playing hockey since I was 6,” Connor Scott said. “My dad got me into it and I followed Dalton. Hockey’s a big part of our family. 
“I need to work on my defensive zone coverage. That’s a big part of the game. If you don’t play both ends of the ice, you can’t win hockey games.” 
Scott is one of the fastest skaters in the PIHL as well. 
“Speed kills in this game,” Scott said. “I learned that a long time ago. When you have speed, you can control a lot of what’s happening in a game.” 
Hammonds referred to Scott and Gilliland as “200-foot players (covering the entire ice surface) and other guys follow their lead. 
“Both are very deceptive with their speed. You can’t get the puck off them once they get it.” 
Gilliland said he needs to work on back-checking in the defensive zone as well. 
“You can always get better at that,” he said. 
He has twin brothers, Trey and Troy, playing on the Tornado’s freshman team. 
“My family talks hockey all of the time. We can’t get enough of it,” Gilliland said